Ajax wrap upΒΆ

An example of ajax handler and JSON datasource:

from handy.ajax import ajax

def enable_post(request):
    post = Post.objects.get(pk=request.GET['id'])

    if post.author != request.user:
        # sends {"success": false, "error": "permission_denied"}
        raise ajax.error('permission_denied')

    post.enabled = True
    # sends {"success": true, "data": null} on successful return

def posts_by_tag(request, tag=None):
    # sends {"success": true, "data": [{...}, {...}, ...]}
    return Post.object.values().filter(tag=tag)

In addition to serialization usual values @ajax can serialize datetimes, dates and any objects with __json__() method.

You can use this JSON reviver on client side to deserialize all of these in browser.

See also @render_to_json()